Residence La Perle in Sahloul 4 – Sousse: Your urban oasis of luxury

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Immerse yourself in an unparalleled wellness experience by choosing the sumptuous Residence La Perle, nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Sahloul 4 in Sousse. Explore apartments that are both modern and flooded with light, meticulously designed to create an exceptional living environment within a dreamlike setting

  • I-Prime Location
  • II-Luxury Facilities
  • A-Indoor Swimming Pool
  • B-Sauna
  • C-Fitness Center
  • D-Secure Parking
  • III-A sanctuary of comfort and convenience
  • 1-A garden and upscale details
  • 2-The charm of the interior
  • 3-Redefined Security
  • IV-Invest in exclusivity starting from 230,000 TND at Residence La Perle
  • V-Conclusion

I-Prime Location

Ideally nestled in Sahloul 4, Residence La Perle boasts an exceptionally advantageous location conducive to a fulfilling urban lifestyle. Its privileged position allows residents to fully embrace the charms of the city and its surroundings. Surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants, this residence offers privileged access to a plethora of amenities, thereby simplifying the daily lives of its inhabitants. Whether for shopping, culinary experiences, or moments of relaxation, everything is within reach, adding a touch of convenience and pleasure to urban life within this haven of refinement that is Residence La Perle

II-Luxury Facilities

Residence La Perle distinguishes itself through its high-end facilities, creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Residents can enjoy the following amenities :

A-Indoor Swimming Pool

Relax and indulge in a year-round aquatic oasis with our indoor pool, offering a refreshing escape even during cooler seasons


Escape the everyday stress by immersing yourself in the soothing experience of a sauna—a perfect way to relax and revitalize the mind.

C-Fitness Center

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a well-equipped fitness center. Whether you’re a passionate fitness enthusiast or simply seeking a relaxing activity, this gym caters to your needs.

D-Secure Parking

Peace of mind is paramount. With secure parking, your vehicle is sheltered, providing additional security for you and your family.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled wellness experience by choosing the sumptuous Residence La Perle

III-A sanctuary of comfort and convenience

Immerse yourself in a daily routine infused with luxury, featuring carefully integrated elements to elevate your lifestyle. Air conditioning permeates every corner, ensuring an ideal temperature year-round. The private balcony invites you to savor breathtaking panoramic views, while central heating keeps the interior cozy during colder months. Your personal space reaches new heights with a dedicated dressing room, ensuring your belongings find their place with elegance. The discreet yet essential elevator ensures smooth access to all levels of the residence.

1-A garden and upscale details

Escape has never been easier with a lush garden, a haven of tranquility to relax and rejuvenate. High-quality finishes, characteristic of a high-end lifestyle, emerge at every corner, creating an atmosphere of opulence at every step.

Within this luxurious cocoon, an extra touch of extravagance awaits with a private jacuzzi, offering moments of ultimate relaxation. The refreshing option of an outdoor shower beckons a unique sensory experience, blending intimacy with nature

2-The charm of the interior

Step into a 66-square-meter apartment where every detail is a symphony of design and functionality. A spacious bedroom creates an intimate retreat, while an elegant living room becomes the stage for shared moments. Two modern bathrooms add a touch of sophistication, meeting the highest standards.

The private balcony becomes a natural extension of your living space, inviting natural light to dance through the rooms. It’s where the interior meets the exterior in perfect harmony.

3-Redefined Security

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority. Continuous video surveillance ensures unwavering security, providing a residence where you can genuinely relax and enjoy every moment in complete serenity.

Residence La Perle opens its doors to offer an uncompromising living experience, where luxury and comfort intertwine to create an exceptional setting

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled wellness experience by choosing the sumptuous Residence La Perle

IV-Invest in exclusivity starting from 230,000 TND at Residence La Perle

Discover an unparalleled investment opportunity in the world of luxury and well-being at Residence La Perle. Starting from just 230,000 TND, immerse yourself in a realm where refinement and comfort converge to create an incomparable residential experience.

Every penny spent to acquire your spot in this oasis of sophistication is an invaluable investment in a life of quality and prestige. Navigate beyond conventional expectations and explore the perfect fusion between high-end lifestyle and exceptional value at Residence La Perle.


Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this luxurious gem. Contact us today for more information on residence options and begin your journey towards a future where luxury and value harmoniously converge.

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