February 2024


Comprehensive Guide to Furnishing a Student Apartment in Tunisia: Practical and Comfortable Solutions for an Ideal Furnished Rental

The rental of furnished apartments is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among students in search of practical and functional accommodation. If you are considering setting up an apartment for rent to students in Tunisia, it is essential to equip the space properly to meet their specific needs. Here is a detailed guide to assist you in creating an attractive and comfortable environment.


Utilizing solar panels for sustainable energy and reduced electricity bills

Solar panels and the utilization of solar heat represent an innovative and sustainable response to our increasing energy needs, while also playing a key role in reducing our carbon footprint. In this in-depth exploration, we will delve into the functioning of solar panels, the benefits of utilizing solar heat, practical tips for maximizing solar energy, illustrative case studies, and responses to common concerns.


How Much Should One Allocate for Purchasing Real Estate in Tunisia?

Once you have decided to purchase real estate (traditional house, apartment, seaside villa, etc.), the most crucial step is to determine the amount you can reasonably afford. To assist you in getting started and streamline the process, Al-Mindhar provides five key tips to follow in order to ascertain the amount to allocate for the purchase of real estate in Tunisia.


Tax benefits for Tunisian expats buying abroad: Conditions and details

Discover the strategic advantages and conditions for Tunisians abroad investing in Tunisia's real estate market, including a preferential 1% registration rate. Explore how these incentives strengthen economic ties between Tunisia and its global diaspora, making real estate a key lever for investment and growth in a dynamic Tunisia.

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